Through her love of glass, Margiann creates glass pictures and shadow boxes that capture special moments in time and inspire delight and curiosity in the viewer. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1946, she currently resides in the Fox Valley River where she works in a collaborative studio alongside other glass artists.

Never one to repeat herself, Margie’s work is both unpredictable and whimsical. Multiple techniques are applied in each of her creations, which, depending on the individual piece, may include copper foil, fused metal, solder alloy, fashion assemblage, conglomeration, shaping and glass fusion. Some of her productions incorporate multi media including geodes, wire, gemstones, dichroic beads, mirror, and whatever precious items add to the brilliance of an ensemble. Margie is forever the experimentalist.

Most of Margie’s subjects come directly from observing nature. After the Snow captures the transition between seasons, those fleeting days before bare, leafless winter trees respond to the warmth of spring and burst into bloom. After the snow, but before the nirvana of moist renewal in a fragrant garden, cycads and birdsongs, such as that magnificently captured in Flowers and Friends.

Not all of Margie’s inspirations are of an earthy essence. Other works depict human moments, such as Walking Fifi, a stylish shadow box of a young fashionista walking her pampered poodle across a moonlit avenue downtown. Then there is Tonight a jumbled ensemble of a cosmetic cluttered countertop, perfume and other beauty necessities, that a woman might apply, in anticipation, while getting ready to go on a date with the man she loves. Then there is the portrayal that relates to what may or may not come after the scenario of Tonight, Yes Yes Yes! The exclamative response to what a man presents to the woman he loves, in other words, see what I can do for you Baby?

Glass is a fragile, unpredictable material but this lends to the excitement and challenges of working with it. “I never know what I’ll get,” exclaims Margie. “When I put a project in the kiln to be fired and open it the next day, it’s like opening presents on Christmas morning…and often times it isn’t right the first time and I have to go back and do things over a few times before it is right.”

Every piece of glass is as unique as, moment by moment, the clouds shifting shape overhead in the sky. “I love glass, it inspires me,” says Margie. “The specific piece of glass prompts me creatively and tells me what it needs to become. I want other people to enjoy the glass too.”

Margieann’s glassscapes are available to view by appointment. She is also happy to create custom architectural glass designs for indoor or outdoor and public or private spaces. “Hours are like minutes, time is enjoyed every time I create with glass. I’m in glass heaven!”

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